having small boobs is lying on your side and having at least one just fall right out of ur bra like it gives up

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franklin-delano-roosevelt: i thought they were hispanic but i think i saw some interview or something that said they were like greek or something i cant remember where i saw it tho

GREEK that’s sound right that sounds really right actually thank u!!!

actually Romanian sounds p good I always assumed it was like a fair Hispanic or something but that’s probably just me?? There’s no way they’re like straight up white tho really

wait do people think the belchers in bob’s burgers are white??? I’ve never thought that I’m so confused

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How did none of these photos turn out??

My cousin said something about golf being a sport that takes up a lot of space while the people playing it do the least amount of work
And I was like oh my god it’s just like white people

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Emmily’s cat is really stretchy for pets omg she’s so cute πŸ’•
I made my dress, I styled the wig, I went to Denny’s, I did the prom thing

Making my prom dress the day of prom fuck me

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Anonymous: I'm sorry if this is a really stupid or annoying question, but where did you buy the respirator/gas mask?

Oh no don’t worry I haven’t gotten this question in a long time. I bought all the gas masks I have from a woman who used to own a boutique that I sold outside of at first Friday, but she closed her shop a little while ago :c
You can get basic ones for cheap pretty much anywhere online tho. The spikes and stuff on mine were all added on, it’s really easy to do!

I like being in a school where the girl to boy ratio is 2:1 with a healthy dash of nonbinary students that’s just nice I feel safe

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are you guys sick of these photos yet because im proud of all of them

remember when